Wall Seepage

roof waterproofing servicesWall Seepage There is often a small gap between the top of the foundation wall and the ground floor threshold plate. Permanent repair of infiltration of mortar joints, porous walls or above the wall is carried out by installing an external waterproofing membrane. External waterproofing membranes are often supplemented by installing external drainage tiles to drain large amounts of groundwater from the foundation to the sewage pump. Even small movements of the foundation wall can cause cracks in mortar joints, and these cracks often cause leakage. Some masonry materials, especially concrete blocks or bricks, are porous by nature and can penetrate the wall. For concrete blocks, the presence of large voids with water can worsen the leakage. Capillary action is the force that causes moisture to rise through a porous material such as concrete. When the concrete foundations are in a pool of water, the concrete acts as a sponge due to the capillary action, which means that the increasing moisture gets into the building materials of the walls through the concrete foundation. Increasing moisture transports naturally occurring minerals and salts from the floor due to moisture in building materials, such as concrete foundations and masonry walls. Expert Chemical Company also provides wall seepage treatment services with all of its services, to make your foundation strong, so that none of the leakage would ever appear again.